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The online Monkey Business is simple to use:

The way it works
Anyone familiar with blogs and blogging may recognise the format as being that of a blog. This one is hosted by a Google subsidiary called Blogger. In some respects it's similar to a message board, but it's also distinctly different, having the feel of the old printed Monkey Business, with longer articles, no bickering between contributors, and a bit of editorial control to maintain standards.

Anyone can visit www.monkeybizz net and read it, or can submit content by email for inclusion.

Submitting your stuff
Please send your stuff by email to: Text files should be cut-and-paste-able (doc, txt, etc., or direct from email) and images can be in most common formats (.pdf, .bmp, .jpg etc.)
If you're a new contributor, we'll also need to know your (real) name and postal address.

The Editorial Team
The blog format has allowed MB to not have a single editor, but an editorial team, most of whom have previously edited the printed mag.

Legal stuff
The editorial team will be looking out for the following, but it would help if contributors were to keep it in mind:
The old printed MB was read by about a thousand readers, mostly in North-East England. The  online edition is open to about a billion people worldwide. Some of those will be no-win-no-fee lawyers looking for a way to make money. So although the printed MB sometimes took liberties with copyright, we can't now afford to take such risks with the online version. Likewise libel will be much easier to detect online, so be aware that if you say anything that could be construed as defaming someone, then legal and/or financial consequences could follow.

With regard to copyright, copying stuff from other websites isn't generally allowed. Every picture on the internet belongs to someone, and most of them require a fee for permission to use them (£40 is the going rate). Finding suitable free images is a lot of hassle, so photos you've taken yourself are much easier.

We can't copy from other websites, but we can however (for the moment) link to the web pages where that stuff can be found. For example, we can't post Pools' fixture list without purchasing a licence from the football authorities (as do the BBC and the Mail) but we can link to the BBC's fixtures page.

We can't say anything that the press can't say, because any injunction on them may also apply to us, and contempt-of-court carries unlimited punishment. And as we're based in England, we can't get round English law. So, even if you're an M.P., writing for Monkey Business could get you sued for libel, so take care.

We can't repeat hearsay as fact. A few years ago a certain allegation about a Pools ex-manager became accepted as fact by many Poolies. Some wrote about it on message boards, getting themselves into legal hot water as a result. Don't let that happen to you.

If you have any queries on posting or legal stuff, contact us at

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