Privacy and Cookies

This website, along with most others, uses 'cookies' 

What are cookies?
Cookies are small codes dropped onto your computer by web pages, which act as markers, telling a web server that someone's computer has accessed a certain page, or part of one.

What do cookies do?
Cookies allow websites to do fancy things, but also to record web statistics (to show for example, which browser or which size of monitor is most frequently used, or how many visitors you're getting - all important stuff for people with websites.) But cookies also can allow advertisements to be tailored to specific visitors, based on their previous browsing habits.

The EC 'Cookie Law'
This is intended to ensure that visitors are given the opportunity to know about, and possibly decline cookies BEFORE they surf a site. Which is why the word "Cookies" appears prominently on a lot of web pages these days. The law is especially concerned about third-party cookies, which are ones that report back to websites different to the one you're viewing. You can find out more about cookies at:

How  this affects MB
The Monkey Business site is part of a huge blogging website (Blogger) owned by Google, and integrated with Google's array of internet stuff. Blogger especially interacts with Google Analytics (which analyses website visitors) and Google's Picasa (which stores images online), and the MB website could also be showing Google's targeted advertising if we hadn't opted out of that. So we are dependent on Google for the operation of the site, and Google uses cookies. Accordingly we advise that the MB website uses cookies, all set by Google. And as Monkey Business isn't Google, effectively they are all third-party cookies.

Which cookies are used and what do they do?
They could be (but may not be limited to):
S;_utma:  _utmb; _utmc; _utmz; These cookies are used for visitor analysis.
blogger_SID; blogger_TID; We're not sure what these cookies do, but obviously it's to do with Blogger.
APISID; HSID; NID; SAPISID; SID; SSID These cookies are also common to Google maps.

We have found that even if you choose to disable all cookies, the site seems to work in the browsers we've tried.

Here is Google's Privacy policy:

Can I disable or delete cookies?
All browsers are different, but you can disable or delete cookies within all of them. Note that this may cause the MB website to not work properly with some browsers. For browser-specific information on disabling or deleting cookies click on the Help menu to learn how to change cookie preferences.

Other Privacy stuff 
Monkey Business may contain links to social networking or other websites (some on this page). Monkey Business cannot be responsible for the content or the privacy policies of any linked websites.

Nothing has changed, other than the law
This website was in operation with cookies for a year before the new law came in, and the cookies don't work any differently than they did previously, but we're now obliged to notify you of how it all works so you can decide if you want to change anything.

We assume that if a visitor is reading the website, then he or she has consented to the use of cookies.