About MB

Welcome to Monkey Business fanzine - online

Monkey Business has been airing the views of Hartlepool United's fans since 1989. In that  time it has built a reputation for being one of the most lively, humorous and generally entertaining football fanzines of the lot, and has won several awards to prove it.

Until 2011 it was a printed publication, and was one of the last (as well as one of the first) of the independent printed fanzines. But with the internet having had a great effect on all forms of publishing, MB has had to go with the times and is now only published online. 

However, we've tried to create a worthy online successor to the printed magazine, with the same contributors, and the same mix of comment, nostalgia, cartoons, spoof adverts, etc. And we've tried to make it as similar to the printed version as we could, except that it is now be FREE.