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Phew, that was a nervy couple of weeks wasn't it when it was rumoured another club had been eyeing Pools' most prized asset. I am not talking about Rhys Oates, Mark Shelton or even Lord Featherstone but Dave Challinor.

At one stage some bookmakers had him as odds-on favourite to become Tranmere's new manager.

If he had been on Tranmere's wish list I for one would not have blamed Dave Challinor if he accepted the job, as much like Sheffield Wednesday's approach for Chris Turner, the move would tick so many boxes.

Challinor I understand commutes to the North East from Chester. Chester is but a half-hour's commute to Edgeley Park. Just think of the hours behind the wheel he would save. Family time. Ostensibly Tranmere are a bigger club than Pools and presumably they would offer a greater remuneration package to one of their ex-players who would be familiar with the club. Tranmere are also a Football League club who may have more financial clout than Hartlepool United. Would we see the likes of Jamie Sterry and Lewis Cass at the Merseyside club?
"If he had been on Tranmere's wish list I for one would not have blamed Dave Challinor if he accepted the job"

The argument for Dave Challinor staying at Victoria Park is equally compelling.

He was approached by Hartlepool United as their number one target to be manager; as such I would think he would like to show loyalty and justify the club's confidence in him.

Whether or not Pools get promoted this season, I feel that he is in the process of building and putting his stamp on making Hartlepool United 'his' team with his principles. I also believe that he knows the potential of the team and the fan base and a promotion this or next season would not be amiss on his CV.

At some stage I dare say that in time Dave Challinor will move on to a bigger club but I think the driving force behind his staying at Pools is Unfinished Business.

Let's hope Raj is aware of this and extend Dave Challinor's contract.

PS A big thank you to Micky Mellon - the right man for the job!

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