200 Up


32 seasons, 200 editions and still going. Who'd have imagined it?

Back in the days when rogue football club owners weren't quite as roguish as they would later become, Garry Gibson's chairmanship was to inspire a reaction among Pools fans. But back then there was no way for ordinary fans to express their opinions, no football trusts, no internet or social media - it was either "Gibson out" chants and banners, or writing to the Mail in the hope that your letter might be used.

But then the fanzine idea took hold and most clubs had one - and larger clubs had several. And so it came to pass that Monkey Business was founded. You can read more about that here on the History page.

For the 100th edition, which was one of the last ones to be printed, we included a facsimile of that first edition, so it seems appropriate to do that again, but this time as a PDF file. [Thanks to the son-in-law of Billy's Contract who did the scanning]
"it was either "Gibson out" chants and banners, or writing to the Mail"

Several of the original editorial team are still on board and generate a sizeable number of words each month.

Unlike many formerly-printed fanzines of smaller clubs like Pools, we decided against going online using a rolling publication system - publish whatever you've got whenever you receive it - and opted to keep to fixed publication dates (first Friday of each month) which concentrates the minds of both readers and contributors. So while many of those other fanzines have faded away, the Bizz still continues and with luck we hope to pass another milestone in a year and a bit by completing a third of a century.

So finally we'd like to thank the many readers who have watched Monkey Business keeping its eye on Pools for 32 seasons, and especially the many contributors without whom there would be no Bizz.

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