Top Ten!


Ten reasons why its worth supporting Pools to safeguard your health, welfare and happiness:

1Pools' owner lives and has his businesses in the area and is happy to be interviewed on local radio. He doesn't live in a far- off land, leaving minions to take all the crap.
2Pools don't have VAR at our games. Cricket, tennis and the two rugby codes seem to be able to cope with technology. Footy can't which perhaps tells you something about the people running the game.
3Pools have young spectators at our games - which is more than can be said about Real Madrid.
4You can get a season ticket at Pools for £225 or £325. Arsenal's cheapest season ticket is £2,995 and is described as The Ultimate Experience. I can think of a more colourful description.
5Many Poolies can arrive at the ground ten minutes before kick-off and still see the whole game.
6After the final whistle, most Poolies can be back in the house between 5.30pm and 5.45pm ready for tea.
7Poolies get the chance to dress up for the final away game of the season.
8Pools have no ambition to be an elite club. Getting out of the National League will suffice.
9Pools have a fantastic playing surface which is well cared for. We play games when others can't. Fixture pile -ups are not our fault.
10Finally, last but not least, Pools have Jeff Stelling to trumpet our cause.

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