George Reynolds


George Reynolds passed away on April 13th, aged 84. Safebreaker, jailbird, kitchen worktop millionaire, saviour of Darlington FC, wrecker of Darlington FC and jailbird (again), his obituaries have mentioned his good points without glossing over his sometimes nasty side.

However, to us at Monkey Business he will always be fondly remembered as a bit of a clownish figure whose antics entertained Poolies hugely. He never really did Pools any harm and provided the Bizz with plenty of opportunities for mockery.
"...a clownish figure whose antics entertained Poolies hugely"

And since George loved the limelight we feel sure he would have been quite happy to expect that for our obituary we'd be revisiting some of the stories he regularly provided us with (unintentionally) as ammunition.

Goodbye George, and thanks for the memories.

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