Forget the title - Win the Playoffs!


Monday's loss at Bromley hurt Pools more than you can ever know.

It all but stopped any faint hopes that we might have had of winning our first ever league title and also ended the amazing run of form which saw Pools record an incredible 16 game unbeaten streak. That streak saw the team catapult itself up the table, lead it on occasions, and get you thinking that something special was happening.

All isn't lost though.

Realistically the best Pools can hope for now is a top three finish. This will give them one less game than those who finish fourth to seventh, and keep the players more fresh. However, it will not be easy due to the teams that are in the mix. But if the team plays with the potential that it has, then it can be successful.

It has to be also said again that some of the transfer dealings that Dave Challinor has pulled- off this season have been masterstrokes. One of them being the loan signing of a certain Richie Bennett. Bennett must be one of the best shortterm signings the club has ever made and it was a shame we couldn't keep him until the end of the season. It's now down to others to step up to the plate and get the team over the finishing line.
"It's now down to others to step up to the plate and get the team over the finishing line."

If anyone can encourage players to lift themselves up, then I believe DC can. Fellow Pools supporters should think likewise. Long-standing fans have seen the good times and the bad, it's all about belief in oneself. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and be ready to go once more. That should be the mantra Pools should have going forward.

The National League next season, should we be in it, already knows which teams are coming down from the Football League. There are two trips to the seaside so to speak, at Cleethorpes to see us take on Grimsby, and newcomers to this standard, Southend. I can guarantee you this: if we thought this season was tough then it will be even tougher next year. The National League is far from an easy ride as clubs such as ourselves, Torquay and Wrexham have discovered.

Hopefully, Bromley was just a blip. We go again and don't let our heads collectively drop. There's no use in crying over the proverbial spilt milk and feel sorry for oneself. Stay positive.

Never Say Die (as always!)

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