British Super League


Firstly we had 'The Big Picture', where Premier League clubs wanted see their under-23 sides play competitive football against sides in the lower football tier.

Their rallying cry was that this in the long term would help develop young players for the National side. Tosh. In truth I reckon that 90% of the football community in the lower leagues, given the choice of seeing England or their own team win some silverware, England would come a poor second.

Next we had this Euro Super League all but foisted on us by the "Greed is Good" mob, but thankfully that was shot down in flames even before it took to the air, let alone left the hangar.

But just when you though it was safe to go back in the water after the European Super League debacle, David Moyes was wanting to resurrect the previously flogged to death idea of having Celtic and Rangers join the Premiership, which in essence would be creating a British Super League. In some ways I could see the attraction of having the two Glasgow clubs join the Premiership elite but they should never be given automatic membership, especially as an additional two teams would have to be relegated to accommodate them.
"we had this Euro Super league all but foisted on us by the "Greed is Good" mob, but thankfully that was shot down in flames even before it took to the air, let alone left the hangar"

If both Scottish teams have a desire to join the 'Greed is Good' League they should apply to the English Football League and if their application is accepted they should begin their journey, like every other club, via the lower leagues (League Division 9/10) and not be fast-tracked into the Premiership.

Moyes was saying that with Premiership money both Glasgow clubs could become a force in Europe but, as one football pundit pointed out, perhaps even at the expense of David Moyes' West Ham United.

The other argument being that having shed-loads of Premiership money thrown like confetti at football clubs is, as any Newcastle supporter would agree, no guarantee of success.

With The Hoops and Gers ensconced in the arms of the Premiership would we see a return to the bad old days of football hooliganism by both English and Scottish fans as each party ventures on to the other's patch. I think that with the Scottish death wish of Independence we could witness scenes of violence not seen on a scale since Bannockburn and Culloden.

Scottish football health-wise is on a life support machine. With the departure of Celtic and Rangers to the playing fields of England as well as Wales. it would no doubt hasten the demise of Scottish football once and for all. Still there is always Curling.

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