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Well, that's been an interesting month. Pools went top for a few weeks then had a break while other teams' games in hand sorted themselves out and now they are 4th, looking good for a playoff place but not so good for the automatic promotion or top-3 finish we hoped for.

Most Poolies will be disappointed with the current league table but those of us who have been watching the points-per-game situation all season have known that 3rd or 4th was the best we were going to achieve without Torquay and Sutton wobbling. Both did so, but not badly enough to help and as others have said, those draws which should have been wins have made all the difference.

This was spotted by Billy's Contract:

The Hartlepool parliamentary by-election has been big news in recent weeks and has seen Boris Johnson at the Vic and Keir Starmer visiting the town no less than 3 times. Perhaps if he, like Boris, had visited the Vic, the result might have been different - but probably wouldn't!

At least Pools also had a more direct connection with the election in Sam Lee, former Pools correspondent at the Hartlepool Mail, who, given the media hype, achieved a creditable third place with 10% of the votes. Well done Sam.

So with Pools currently on the up, Hartlepool seems to be a fairly important place right now.

It won't take long for normal service to be resumed, however!

And still on the by-election, a local shopkeeper was interviewed and photographed by The Independent for this article about the the town's mood.

He turned out to be none other than former Monkey Business team member and advertiser Alan Teather, who, during his time with the Bizz was making and selling candles but is now into quilting.

Wallace and Gromit advises readers who don't like verbal conflict to beware of the halloumi in Lidl:

Next month, for the first time ever, there will be a June edition of Monkey Business, and it will not only complete the 10th season since it stopped being printed, but will also be the 200th edition.

We had always intended for No. 200 to be the last of the season, but this season's late start threw that plan off course, so the recent excitement has allowed us an extra issue in which to either prognosticate on what still could happen or to moan about what should or shouldn't have happened.

So let's hope that Pools, as well as Monkey Business, will have something to celebrate in June.

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