Over for Dover -
OK for Pools


We're about to enter the final two months of another season, another season which has had its fair share of high and lows. Pools are still in the big picture as regards promotion but it all proved to be over for National League rivals Dover Athletic.

I'm not going to go into the finer details but I'm so happy that Pools have a chairman like we do in Raj. Even though there are no massive amounts of cash to splurge on players, Raj has backed DC when he needed it. That speaks volumes to me and should resonate with all my fellow Poolies. I mean Paddy Madden, who scored against us last Saturday, allegedly cost County a quarter of million. At this level, that's crazy money.

Back briefly to the chairman situation, Raj is proving to be astute and doing things the right way. Sure Raj had a bumpy ride when down the A66, but he's learned from that and is slowly making Pools a marketable commodity. I mean you only have to look at the recently announced sponsorship deals that the club made. Impressive work. As chairman, Raj is certainly proving to be my proverbial cup of tea at present. Harold Hornsey will always be my favourite Pools chairman but Raj - you ain't doing too bad son either!
"Now if we could only turn some of those away draws into wins then things would be even better"

Results wise, Pools are picking up the points still and staying in contention. They're sandwiched between both Sutton and Torquay, and whilst these clubs have matches in hand, they have to make them count. While it's good to be in that kind of position, if you fail to make them count then they're no use to anyone.

Pools have been solid at home and they always say good home form can certainly underpin a challenge for honours. It's certainly been better than any of the previous recent seasons. Now if we could only turn some of those away draws into wins then things would be even better but we ain't doing too bad. One point is always better than none.

How we end up this season will determine how the squad will shape up next. If we go up, and I really hope this is going to happen, then there's a chance we might be able to keep hold of both Sterry and Armstrong. Both are, and admit it yourself, too good for the National League. They'll slip into Football League football effortlessly as they've got that quality. I'm sure DC is already pre-planning for 2021-22 even now - all managers prepare for all eventualities. Pools have never played at Wembley, so a nice bit of history may beckon.

Keep believing the dream can happen. A spot of optimism never harms anybody - right?

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