The Plumber


I appreciate that football is a team game but where would Pools be if we they hadn't signed Luke Armstrong, the fox in the box? I would prefer if his parents had given him the first name of Jack so we could call him the Jack in the Box.

To date he has scored nine times in thirteen matches which is some going. His nickname should be The Plumber for all his tap-ins.

It is not only his goals but his work rate and closing down of defenders which is also a major part of his game, forcing them into mistakes, taking a weight off our midfield and making space for our other forwards. The big debate is about whether he will be with us next season.

First obstacle is that he has another year of his contract to run at Salford so they would expect to command a transfer fee but even a nominal one might be out of Pools' reach. Wages could be another factor as Salford pay generously. Could Pools match his existing package or get anywhere near it? I would be delighted but surprised if they could.
Could Pools match his existing package or get anywhere near it? I would be delighted but surprised if they could.

In Pools' favour, Armstrong is enjoying his spell at the club and has a smile on his face. He has oft been quoted as saying that he is keen to come back to the North East, which would suggest that he would like to play for a club nearer to home.

Obviously Sunderland and Newcastle are out of the equation as are Darlow, who are further down the ladder than Pools. And who would want to play for their Dad? Would Carlisle be a step too far for him football-wise? Perhaps even more so if they moved up a level to League One.

The only other contender in my view would be Harrogate Town who could be prepared to pay for his services. The pros for Armstrong for a move to Harrogate are that they have the resources to match his current wages and they are in the Football League. The cons: Although not a million miles away from the Tyne and Wear area, driving up and down to Harrogate every day would be a bit of a chore - losing three hours a day of your life behind the steering wheel of a car.

There is the remote possibility that Pools might be a Football League club themselves next season and even if they were still in the National League, surely a player would prefer to play in front of a passionate crowd double that of The Sulphurites.

Ultimately, much like Liam Noble, it could all boil down to money and who could blame the lad if he could earn more elsewhere and secure his future for a life after football?

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