Still in the Hunt


It’s the business end of the season as everything starts to build up to the inevitable conclusion.

Teams within touching distance of getting promoted will be looking to kick on and make that final push. Unlike previous seasons, Pools are firmly in the mix in what we hope sees a return to Football League football at the Vic.

As I said last time out, I was half expecting to see Torquay have a blip. And guess what, they have. This has enabled clubs such as Pools to close in and make the title race a far from foregone conclusion. We stand third after the 1-1 draw at Halifax which didn’t go down well with some fans on social media. More on that later, but most are saying that the title is probably Sutton’s to throw away due to the matches they have in hand and the fact they’re managing to eke out last-gasp wins when they appear to be draws.

I digress to a point; it’s all well and good to have matches in hand but you have to win them. One slip up is all it can take to derail any ambitions.
"I was half expecting to see Torquay have a blip. And guess what, they have."

Yeah the draw at Halifax didn’t go down with some Pools fans. Some were bemoaning the fact that we’re hopeless away from home. For a team that is doing so well, it feels like a knee jerk reaction by some. I would take one point away from home rather than none at all. Added to that, if the team have not performed then DC will know so and he’ll be keen as mustard to ensure it doesn’t fester and threaten what has been a much-improved season for Pools.

We’ve done well to contend with injuries to key players such as Liddle and, most recently, Nicky Featherstone. The squad doesn’t have masses of depth but players are doing what they can. Special thanks to Raj for backing Challinor when he needed it the most. We could have a chairman like Dover’s and that would be terrible.

It was also good to see the majority of National League clubs being in favour of finishing the season out, unlike those in the sub divisions below. Pools' aim has to be garnering points home and away and stockpiling them. There will be teams that will continue to struggle, Kings Lynn are one apparently, but the clubs should support each other in times of crisis, if it’s not in a financial support measure. Unfortunately whilst the richer clubs get richer, those further down the line will be forever be looking to keep the wolf from the door.

Silverware is not beyond Pools; all it needs a bit of luck and patience. This can still be a memorable season.

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