Ready for the Big Push


Moving into March in third position in the league with a visit to the leaders tomorrow, Pools are in a super position to make it a successful season.

Whilst playing at far from our best, our home form is superb and a small improvement in our away form would have us well and truly in the mix. Assuming the season will be allowed to run its course this is our best opportunity for years to do something positive.

Credit to Dave Challinor for assembling a half decent squad on very little money. Compared to some of the previous bozos who have owned and managed the club he is like a breath of fresh air to be running the club professionally and getting a bit of success with it.

His recent dips into the loan market in Lewis Cass, Jamie Sterry and Luke Armstrong have been brilliant signings and have a lot to do with how well the team is doing. However for all the up sides there have to be downsides and they are Ben Killip and Gavan Holohan. Killip has surely exhausted his first team opportunities with staying rooted to his line as a cross comes in to an opposition striker with the inevitable result. Or he will run out flapping and be knocked out of the way of the ball. He might be adequate as a shop stopper but is a liability always likely to cost us a goal. And to Holohan who has been off the pace for the last six games and his shooting is atrocious with numerous gilt-edged chances squandered. He doesn't seem at it for some reason and it is definitely time for him to warm the bench.
"While the point at The Shay was very welcome it should have been three and Manager Challinor said as much after the game."

Another loan signing, Tom White, brought in to cover for the injured Xavi, has done well in midfield although it is too early to judge him. But he is definitely promising so much that we hardly missed the little fat feller with his injury. Except for all the sideways and back passes that he likes so much.

Luke Johnson missed the Halifax game with injury but he has been a rock in our defence this season. Fortunately we have Cass, Liddle and Odusina in central defence all up to the job. While the point at The Shay was very welcome it should have been three and manager Challinor said as much after the game. The chances we created and failed to finish could be very costly at the end of the season, especially with Sutton United on such a good run and with games in hand.

Tomorrow's game at Torquay gives a chance to rein in the leaders and we certainly owe them one for the five-goal drubbing they gave us at the Vic in front of the TV cameras. Torquay may be without Danny Wright who netted a hat-trick first time around and is recovering from a long-term injury.

The Dover situation is still to be addressed with them threatening not to play any more games. Whether this will result in their relegation and their record being expunged remains to be seen.

But we can't rely on outside influences and if we are to go up we have got to do it for ourselves but with the squad we have I think we are capable of doing it.

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