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In last month's MB we showed how we could make a a £27 annual saving on milk.

I had made it my quest to see what savings I could make on behalf of our readers to effectively get their 21/22 season tickets at a vastly reduced rate or even free by putting aside the money they can save on day-to-day items.

As I previously mentioned, with nothing better to do during the Covid lockdown and in order to get out of the house, I now, much to her annoyance, accompany the Bride on her shopping expeditions.

It is indeed and eye opener. I, for instance, always thought Colmans mustard was actually Colemans mustard. Up until recently I was not aware that mustard has a best before/sell by date on it. Depending on which supermarket you go to the prices of 170 grm of Colmans ranges between 0.89p (Lidl) and £1.50.

Today we had a trip to the supermarket that many refer to as 'The' Asda. We are not regulars in The Asda and only pop in occasionally for their home-made pick-and-mix pizza which puts many of its big-name rivals to shame. (Press* to skip ad).

In recent years I have started, or should I say was told, to use deodorant and always thought that the pound shop was cheapest. Not the case. Is it me or are products getting smaller in the pound shop?
"they definitely tasted of teak wood shavings with some MDF thrown in for good measure"

In Asda you can get Sure bright bouquet deodorant, which, although it doesn't say so on the tin, can also be used as an air freshener and fly spray. I know - I have tried it thus. It comes in at £0.98p. for a 150ml spray. However the next size up at 250ml comes in at £1.48. Amazing. You are getting another 100ml for 50p. NOTE: Savings to our readers will vary and much depends on how much spray is used under each pit per annum.

Asda is indeed a strange store. I went to get some Anchor spreadable butter which came in at £3.50 a tub, sell-by date: end of March. I happened to go in the next aisle and here was the exact same product at £1.75 per tub with a May sell-by date. (This coming May and not last) How bizarre was that?

In my mission to save you,the reader ££££££'s, I thought that I would investigate own brands which offer considerable savings over the market leaders. With that I went to one of the German supermarkets and picked up a box of their own version of a 500 gram box of cornflakes, coming in at £0.50p. I could not believe this and wondered how on earth they and their supplier are making any profit from the product. Basically, in imperial measures, I was getting just over 1 pound of Cornflakes for half of £1. Kelloggs Cornflakes cost £2 per box and you could get 4 of the own brand ones for the same money. I was delighted with myself.

I thought I would try these for breakfast thinking that they might taste of wood shavings and, not surprisingly, they did. I had another go the following day and they definitely tasted of teak wood shavings with some MDF thrown in for good measure. I was distraught as I had thought I was going to announce a massive saving to you, our dear readers.

Then a lightbulb moment. Feed these flakes to the birds.

I currently spend around £5 per month on bird feed so these own brand cornflakes would indeed show a substantial saving. With that I threw a couple of handfuls of flakes (without milk) onto the lawn for our feathered friends.

Sadly this exercise failed as, when I came back home later that same evening, the flakes were left untouched on the lawn. My only hope is that the woodpecker we had in our garden last year might make a return visit when it sees these wood chippings scattered all over the grass.

Note: I will be submitting an expenses claim to the editor of MB for loss of my 50 pence. [I'm afraid we can't accept garden expenses - Ed]

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