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Well, the relative joy for Poolies of the last few months seems to be continuing for now, but it still may need more effort by Pools to gain promotion.

Whereas a couple of months ago they were second in the table on points gained but 5th on points per game played, the impressive run of home wins now puts them third on both, so barring a meltdown or any adverse outcome of the pandemic, they at least look to be in with a chance of a playoff place. However, the same might have been said of Altrincham and Wealdstone not many weeks ago so that chicken definitely cannot yet be counted.

We Poolies may have been enjoying the last few months. Let's hope the next few are as enjoyable.

Another famous footballer of the 1960s has passed away. After a stellar playing career with Bill Shankly's Liverpool, Ian St. John became known to many younger fans though his second career on TV 30 years ago, since which he's been out of the public eye. So it's been interesting this week to see the photos of the various stages of his life.

He'll probably be remembered more for his TV career than his playing exploits, but I bet he'd have preferred it to be the other way round.

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