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I note that Pools have made early noises about incentives to entice fans to purchase their season tickets for 2021/2022 season.

At first glance, season ticket prices look to have been held at 2020/21 rates and depending whether one pays full or concessionary rates the incentives vary. I wonder if the rates quoted will remain the same in the event of the club gaining promotion. Ever the optimist.

Full rate: would see fans get two free match day tickets and two £10 discount vouchers for the club shop as well as free streaming should Covid persist.
Concessionary rate: gives one free match ticket as well as free streaming.

All in all a very fair offer.

The elephant or should I say the monkey in the room is Covid and will next season be much the same as this with empty stadiums so the free match day tickets become redundant?
"I have promised myself that one day, after lockdown, I will make a point of visiting the tea plantations in Doncaster, Ilkley Moor and Wakefield."

As a gadgie, sorry a senior, the package looks very attractive and in light of lockdown, should the match day streaming service continue, concessionaries will break even. In fact a good cup run at home would put them well in front.

The screen admittedly has greatly improved but it could even be better. Action replays, something happening on screen at half-time as well as an on-screen countdown clock would be a step in the right direction.

Obviously, watching Pools on television does not compare to the real thing of being on the terraces with your mates and having the craic as well as savouring the atmosphere but it is still better than nothing.

I feel that the Senior concessionaries should also be entitled to at least one £10 club shop voucher which could only be used on purchases of £25 and over. Once in a fully-stocked shop, online or otherwise, the likelihood is that we seniors will spend, along with our heating allowance, over and above the voucher's value. Don't forget Mr. Singh, pensioners such as myself have grandkids to kit out in Pools' colours.

I can understand season ticket holders who have to pay the full price being reluctant to be first in the queue to part with their hard-earned/furloughed cash as effectively they would be out of pocket, long-term, compared to concessionaries if fans are not allowed back into football stadiums because of the ongoing pandemic. We will have to wait and see what the full offer will be but it is an encouraging start.

A few years ago I thought I would see if I could fund my season ticket by making cutbacks here and there.

First casualty was the Hartlepool Mail. Back in the day if I did not have sight of the evening paper I would be beside myself. Even when I went on holiday I used to ask my mam to keep all the missed copies so I could catch up on what was happening in the town. Sadly what aided my decision to quit the Mail was basically that it was not the paper it once was in terms of quality or content. At a stroke I saved £150 approx. per year which at the time was 50 per cent the cost of my season ticket.

Recently, for nothing better to do, I thought I would do likewise to see if I could fund my 2021/22 season ticket.

Using any legitimate excuse to leave the house during lockdown I have started to accompany the bride down the aisle ...of Tesco. She asked me to pick up a 2 pint carton of milk. I was all set to put the 2 pint into our trolley when I spotted a four pint carton of milk. Wow, I never knew such a thing existed. Up until that 'Road to Damascus' moment I had thought milk was only available in one or two pint cartons.

When I looked again I noticed that the price of the 2 pint was £.0.80p as opposed to the £1.09 for the four pint. I did the sums ...when I got back home that is. The two pint carton worked out at 0.40p per pint and the four pint carton worked out at 0.27p per pint, and into the trolley it went.

I drink Yorkshire tea like it is going out of fashion. (Being patriotic, I much prefer to support home-grown produce and keep jobs in this country, and I have promised myself that one day, after lockdown, I will make a point of visiting the tea plantations in Doncaster, Ilkley Moor and Wakefield.) What with that and my breakfast cereal I estimated that four pints of milk would be around my weekly consumption.

Based on drinking 208 pints of milk per year I worked out that this would be a monetary saving of around 27 English pounds per annum, accounting for 12% off the cost of the 2021/22 season ticket.

Then I saw something that resembled a milk tanker. How the shelves in the dairy aisle could support it I have no idea: a six pint carton of milk. A beast of a thing. coming in at £1.50 for six pints. Little wonder farmers are going out of business.

Although showing a £31 saving (13.75%) per annum against the season ticket, I reluctantly passed on it, only on the grounds that our fridge would not be able to accommodate its sheer volume.

In the next edition of MB: Savings on Colmans Mustard and Rose's Lemon and Lime fine cut Marmalade.

By the time these and future featured savings are accounted for, your season ticket will effectively be free.

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