It's Good to Talk


I appreciate that we live in troubled times and it is all hands to the pump for the few that are still at the Vic on a day to day basis.

However, I am a tad disappointed that Hartlepool Football Club have not made more of an effort to communicate with their fan base.

We had an informative video interview with the owner Raj Singh the best part of three months ago but have heard very little else from the chair since, such as how things are running behind the scenes at the 'Vic. Is the club for instance any further forward in appointing a chief operating officer to replace Martin Jesper or is that being put on hold until the Covid pandemic subsides?

I am not sure of the young lad's name (Alex?) who does the Pools commentary and pre- and post-match interviews with Dave Challinor but, to give him his due, he's doing a sterling or even dare I say a Stelling job and has grown in confidence as the weeks pass by.
"For the record it is Tinks and Monks who score highly against that particular question."

He may well have other commitments but I think that he or some other qualified person could set something up much like Mark Simpson/Micky Barron's Switch of Play stream asking selected players questions such as favourite this or that, best game, goal or ground etc. Or the absolute classic question that gets asked on Switch of Play 'Which team mate would you not want to be a member of your family'. (For the record it is Tinks and Monks who score highly against that particular question.) Doing something at this or any other level would give sort form of connection with the fans to the players.

The website desperately needs updating but at least they have removed the pictures of the former players who left the club at the end of last season.

I am sure that there are many supporters out there who have the skill set and who would willingly volunteer their services gratis to assist the club with web updates and player interviews and such.

At present most of the information about the club seems to come via the various message boards and occasionally the Mail, whose online version, sadly gives more print cover on the borer than Pools.

Communication is the name of the game and as the old BT tagline stated "It's good to Talk."

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