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With both the winter weather and Covid-19 taking their toll of league matches throughout January, Pools still find themselves up near the top of the league. That's partly through having played more games than some rivals, but nevertheless the real picture is a lot better than in recent seasons.

With the clubs now having to decide how the season should end, given the lack of crowds, the backlog of postponed matches and worries about funding, it will be interesting to find out which club votes for which option - although their decisions may well be related to their current chances of promotion or relegation.

The saga of the postponed Halifax matches continues, with some being critical of Halifax. However, those of us who remember the re-election days will also recall that winter postponements were not unusual in the times before global warming became an issue, times when, on occasions no matches were played for weeks on end.

In this case it's just unfortunate that the position of Halifax up in the Pennines makes it more prone to snow and ice than most and certainly more than sea-level places like Hartlepool. Likewise it's unfortunate that they happen to be our 'local' derby team so, as such, we always play that fixture in the middle of winter.

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