Have We Turned a Corner?


This article was penned just hours after the Notts County away game which has seen Pools record their third win a row.

The team currently have moved back into the play-off positions, and although they have played more games than those below them, it's certainly feeling a bit better after yet another mid-season wobble. All teams will have them, even Torquay will have one soon, but sometimes our wobbles turn into crises and derail the season.

One thing that has coincided with this is that we seem to have a proper out-and-out scorer in the team, a striker who just wants to put the ball into the back of the old onion bag. Comparisons have been drawn by some that Armstrong is a modern day Joe Allon but let's not get carried away. The main thing is we have a goalscorer here and unless Salford have a striking crisis, we have him for the remainder of this season. He's proven to be a breath of fresh air. Keep it going Luke!

Sometimes some signings you make don't work out too. So that was proven by the loan deal that brought Northern Irishman David Parkhouse to the Vic from Premier League Sheffield United. With an impressive pedigree behind him; we thought that this was a kid that had goals in him. However for one reason or another, it never worked out for the lad. Watch him go and score bucketloads for his next loan club. It's on the proverbial cards. But that's football.
"it's certainly feeling a bit better after yet another mid-season wobble."

A major talking point over the last few weeks has been the remembrance kit. Fans have been waiting for ages for their replicas to arrive which actually is nothing short of shambolic even with the global pandemic taking hold. The club to me hasn't had a decent kit supplier since the Nike deal ended in 2017. Sure the stuff was a bit more expensive but we never had the problems that have occurred firstly under BLK and latterly O'Neills. I'm sure I have a 1908 Gold home jersey from 1999 hanging around in the wardrobe, now that was a simple but smart jersey. The kit fiascos of the last few seasons need to be addressed as a priority as soon as this season starts to draw to its conclusion.

One thing I still miss from days gone by is having derbies against the Quackers from down the A66. I was weaned on these games and you always looked to fixture release day to find out when we were playing Darlo. To a lot of modern-day Pools fans, the 3-0 win at the White Elephant Arena is probably their best memory but for us older fans then maybe the last-minute Allon winner in 1997 is a particular highlight especially when it came in front of the Tin Shed at Feethams in the final minute.

Like most teams at this level, Pools have been hit hard with the pandemic and by not having fans in the stadium. Pools have had to cut their cloth and deal with it accordingly. Yet there are some people still banging on with "If only we had allowed the Reynolds-McElhenney takeover to happen." This ship has sailed now, so there's no use in debating that further. Anyway I would rather be where we are than where Wrexham are now, wouldn't you? Be realistic.

In closing, we head into the new year as the division's in-form team. The change in formation, a tweak here and there and we seem to have a bit of an identity about ourselves again. With players such as Lidds on the way back from injury then perhaps we can kick on further. One hopes so anyway. Keep the faith, keep it blue and white.

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