Bizz Calendar 2020


With launch day for this Bizz also being New Year's Day, not many resolutions will have fallen by the wayside yet ...but give them time!

And conversely, your 2020 calendars may possibly hang around longer than your resolutions so it's a perfect time to bring you the traditional Monkey Business one. Like last year's it's a desk/table/shelf calendar, which is downloaded and printed onto one side of an A4 sheet of card or photographic paper which, when cut out and assembled, shows only the current month on the front but also shows all 365 days on the back, and has a couple of cartoons as well.

The picture shows the printed-out sheet and on it sits an assembled version showing the visible sides and the nested sliding date panels.

It's very straightforward to knock up with scissors and self-adhesive tape or glue, though a metal straight edge/ruler, a craft knife and a bit of care might be useful to make sure the creases go in the right places. Full instructions are printed on the sheet.

2021 Bizz Calendar pic

The two triangular tubes which show the date are nested into each other and slide inside the outer triangular tube and are slid along, and/or repositioned every month to show the correct month.

The PDF calendar file can be downloaded from HERE

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