Trying to Find a Magic Formula


It's been a bit of a topsy-turvy month for Pools since I wrote my last piece. One minute all good, the next minute bad. But then again if you have been a Poolie for over 30 years or so then you'll expect nothing less than this. Pools have the habit of deflating you and elating you in equal measures. They're one of the most inconsistent sides you could ever support and if you can't take it then, well, you're supporting the wrong team.

We left it just after the devastating 0-5 home loss to Torquay United which left a bit of a sour taste in our mouths. Not only did it hurt losing, but the fact that the defeat was so heavy against a promotion rival. Since then we've had one of each in the league but are just a couple of points off third remarkably enough. That goes to show how tight the National League has become and everyone could beat anyone on a given day. Now if we could pick up a maximum haul tonight at Solihull then we could be really be back in the mix.

DC has been busy trying to bolster the squad; perhaps he realised that the team was a bit too light on numbers and when injuries struck we didn't have the quality cover we needed, unlike some teams. Tyler Magloire seems to be a good acquisition from Blackburn; here's hoping we can retain him for the remainder of the campaign to cover our first choice centre halves. "Lidds" (Gary Liddle) has been a massive loss in that position. Joe Bunney, the most recent new face, provides versatility as well as height which adds options. I hope both guys enjoy their time here.

One of the things that does annoy me is the toxicity on social media this season. I don't know if either Raj and DC have access to these forums but some of the comments haven't been pleasant shall we say. You have "fans" bickering with each other as if it was a fight in the school yard. Whatever either RS and DC do, on and off the pitch, doesn't sit right with some of our supporters and that's just not on. We're supposed to be "United", right? Even if things aren't going our way then encourage and try to remain positive. The negativity will be plain to see if it continues, should we be allowed back to watch our blue and white heroes this season. And that's a massive IF. Rant over as far as I'm concerned on this.
"One of the things that does annoy me, is the toxicity on social media this season"

In other news, as you know, the season in the Republic of Ireland has ended for former Poolies Scott Fenwick and Connor Simpson. Both were released after Cork City's relegation, and to be honest you just knew that was going to happen as neither made a real impact at Turners Cross. Whilst Fenwick is looking for a new team, Simpson has joined the phoenix Scarborough club Scarborough Athletic, who play just two divisions below Pools as it stands. Scary biscuits as they say here in NI. If there is any other former Poolie you want me to check up on then get in touch with the Bizz and I'll do my best.

It has to be said that the next few months are going to be oh so crucial and give an indication of where Pools might finish this season. If Pools can start to get some decent home form behind them, a good home record always helps, and pick up points away from home then it can be a season to remember. DC has got a team capable of winning games, of that there's no doubting; we just need to hit a hot streak of form that will leave others trailing in our dust. If we can do that then it can easily be party time in TS24 come the end of May.

I'll be back in 2021 with some more thoughts. Until then, have a safe but enjoyable Christmas and New Year and remember Santa is indeed a Poolie.

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