Not Much Klopp


I used to enjoy listening to Jurgen Klopp's erudite post-match interviews. Win, lose or draw he always had a smile on his face. However, of late all that has changed and I wonder if anyone else has noticed that since the beginning of the 2020/21 Premiership campaign Mr Klopp is slowly but surely morphing into Arsรจne Wenger. The smile has gone and all we seem to get from him now is moan, moan moan or an 'I did not see that', with the slightest trace of an Inspector Clouseau accent.

His main beef is with how intense and punishing the Premiership schedule is on his players and, along with Pep Guardiola, is advocating the use of five substitutes, which is baffling in itself as both he and his Manchester City counterpart probably are more economical in their use of substitutes than any other manager in the Premiership - and when they do use them they are usually introduced in the dying minutes of a game that they have won comfortably. Case dismissed.

His latest Teutonic outburst took place after his team had drawn at Brighton when in his post-match interview he jumped down the throat of the Des Kelly of BT, berating him personally for the 12.30 kick-off and the fact that Liverpool's matches always seemed to be screened at lunchtime. To give him his due, Kelly stood his ground on behalf of all the TV companies who broadcast Premiership matches and said that he didn't choose the time the match should be screened but that every timing was agreed by the Premier League and by every club executive around that table and these are the people Klopp should be taking aim at.
"It seems that everyone's favourite German is losing the plot."

Surely Klopp should realise that the early kick-off's are in place to cater for the Middle East and Asian markets where the bulk of the monies are sourced to feed the Greed is Good League's insatiable appetite for money. The £72 million he paid for Virgil Van Dijk and others, along with the new grandstand, did not solely come from Liverpool's gate revenue nor the profits from the club shop.

Looking at the two clubs' forthcoming fixtures, should Pools reach the third round of the FA Trophy, both teams will play eight matches in December.

Wages and resources aside, do you think that Jurgen Klopp would swop places with Dave Challinor. I think not.

It seems that everyone's favourite German is losing the plot.

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