Festive Floodlights


This pylon is sitting on top of
 a small LED torch and light
is coming through the thin card
so an inner sleeve may be 
It's that time again, folks. Black Friday has come and gone so it's full steam ahead for Christmas - except that this is going to be a Christmas like no other so we're contributing to that with another Bizz enhancement to your Christmas tree. Instead of a star, angel or fairy, you could have a Pools floodlight pylon up there on top, and even have it lit up.

Like last year's Bizz baubles, it can be printed on an A4 sheet of white card or photo paper, then cut out, folded and stuck as shown, making your Christmas tree a distinctively Poolie one.

You'll need a craft knife (especially to cut out the lamps) or scissors, glue or double-sided tape, and about twenty minutes. 

The floodlight pylon is printed from a PDF file and once cut out and assembled it sits on top of a Christmas tree, and can be made up with or without real lighting.

The lighted version requires the 21 "lamps" to be removed at the cutting-out stage. The lighting can be provided by the end lamp of a string of white LED lamps, or a bunch of several of the lamps taped together like a bunch of flowers.

NOTE that the old filament type of lamps, whether in torches or bunched light strings, must NOT be used as they run hot and so could be a fire hazard. Even LED lamps generate a little heat so test your arrangement for several hours to ensure that it won't overheat.

A brighter alternative would be to use a small LED torch mounted on the tree with the pylon sitting on top of it. Putting aluminium kitchen foil on the rear inner face of the pylon will increase the light output. If the weight of the torch causes the tree sag, a piece of coat-hanger wire taped to the torch and tied at several points to the tree's stem or trunk should do the trick.

Whichever lighting method is used, the lamps should all point upwards and not be directly visible through the holes. If the card is fairly thin, light may shine through it, so in that case make up a card sleeve to go inside the affected areas.

The Festive Floodlights PDF file can be downloaded from HERE.

For those who'd like to make some baubles to go with it, last year's Bizz baubles file can be found HERE. (see the 'Deck the Halls' page in MB185) 

And for those who remember the Hartlepool Corporation Christmas bus, the Bizz models of two of its incarnations are still available by going HERE.

And if you're wondering if there will be a 2021 Bizz calendar, there will, and it will come with MB195, which will be out on Jan 1st. 

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