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Well, Pools' season has well and truly returned to normal, with December finding them half way up the league. Performances, barring the first few, have not really merited a higher placing, and it's now obvious that this squad, almost to a man, can do a few good moves but a lot of poor ones, and without serious replacements, this season is already almost a lost cause for Pools' promotion ambitions.
However, with the uncertainties of Covid-19 and Brexit around, plus the tremendous losses being incurred by clubs, retailers, pubs and workers alike, what happens off the pitch could be as big a concern as what happens on it for the rest of the season at least.

Shedrick tells us that he watched Gazza doing a nice tribute on TV following the death of Diego Maradona, saying that when he met Maradona, he had to speak to him in Italian because "...he disn't speak English and neither dee I!"

The piece about the Remembrance Day shirt struck a chord with me because I recently found something along similar lines.

I was attending a Zoom concert commemorating Remembrance Day, and participants were encouraged to make a donation to the "Royal British Foreign Legion".

So it's not just Pools whose praiseworthy efforts can be let down by getting the smaller details wrong!  

And finally, with the coronavirus still wreaking its havoc, we'd like to wish all our readers the best Christmas holiday period they can have in the circumstances. 

The vaccines now coming on stream will hopefully mean that life will return closer to normal by the end of this football season, which, for most of us would be better than Pools getting promoted ...perhaps!.  

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