Any Other Business


Well, the last few weeks have compressed the whole Poolie experience into the space between two editions of the Bizz. We've had the elation of being top of the league from the first day, the impressive away wins, the unimpressive home draws, an away goal-fest in the FA Cup and finally a home tonking in the league, with two Covid-19 postponements as well.

At least the disappointment didn't arrive with the first match! As is often said about early reverses, they show up problems while there's still time to correct them, so perhaps Pools will have learned something from Torquay's football lesson, if only that the chairman's "value-for-money" approach may perhaps have its downside.

On the day Pools were slaughtered by Torquay, showing neither fight nor determination, Hartlepool's Savannah Marshall showed just those qualities to take the WBO world middleweight boxing title.

So congratulations to Savannah from us at the Bizz. Perhaps if she's free at the moment she could pop round to the Vic and give them a few desperately-needed tips.

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