Facing up to Covid-19


Those with long memories may remember when Monkey Business did lots of merchanside, all featuring Bizz mascot Mervyn the Monkey - including t-shirts, caps, duts, and even coat hangers (which took 5 hours each to make so we soon dropped them!)

A couple of months back, Alan Essex suggested that Monkey Business ought to do a Mervyn the Monkey face mask. We did a mockup but knocked it on the head as it would involve sewing, need to be in several sizes and generally was too complicated.

However, after a bit more thought we've come up with a different solution, should anyone want to have a go. You simply use our template to draw the Mervyn face onto your own mask with a black fabric marker, although an ordinary thick black felt tip pen should work. And a light- rather than dark-coloured mask which is plain rather than patterned will obviously work better.

Just copy the image, paste it into a Word or similar document and resize it so the stencil will fit your facemask. Then print it onto card and cut round the lines with a craft knife, taking care to avoid cutting through the stencil 'gaps'.

Then trace around the cutouts with a pen onto outside surface only of the mask. If your mask is of the Olson type with a seam down the middle, align the seam with the curved lines, which will make the mouth a bit wider. Ink in the marked areas and then ink in the gaps so the face should then look something like the small illustration.

This is purely a suggestion. It is up to you to ensure that any materials used will not compromise the effectiveness of your mask (eg solvent-based markers could adversely affect some man-made materials, and solvents should be allowed to disperse adequately before wearing the mask), and it's probably best to do a dry run on a bit of old cloth first before taking the risk of potentially ruining a mask with some use left in it.

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