Commercial Break-up


After a bright start from Pools during the early days of Covid - with their good intentions of not only communicating with their fans on a regular basis but also but also that of the townsfolk - Pools themselves, overnight, seemed to disappear into their own bunker and go into their own self-inflicted shutdown. Not a word and barely a peep.

In retrospect I am beginning to think that Hartlepool United could have made a better fist of things during the Covid pandemic and taken advantage of the crisis rather than battening down the hatches.

Firstly I would have retained the services of Mark Simpson to keep the website updated. Even as I type this, last season's squad picture and pen pictures of individual players, many of whom have long since left the club, are still on view.
"Pools ...seemed to disappear into their own bunker and go into their own self-inflicted shutdown."

Simpson could have done something similar to the excellent Switch of Play interviews as broadcast on YouTube featuring ex-players and managers, which would have kept the fans visiting the site on a regular basis and kept their interest in the club active. I am unsure of the legal side of things but a weekly lottery could have been run on line in order to generate some income. The club shop could have been run online. It doesn't take a genius to fold, pack and take a parcel down to the post office. I am sure the club would like to clear the stocks of last season's products and summer wear to make space for the new range. Darlo for instance already have their new Puma home and away shirts on sale and like many other clubs have logoed face masks available. Are we missing a trick. I fear we are. The Commercial department needs to be more commercial.

It looks inevitable that for the foreseeable future no fans will be allowed to attend football matches. I like the idea which has been put forward of streaming live games for a £5 fee. However in the case of the 1,500 season ticket holders who have already paid their money up front I feel that this fee should waived or at the very least be charged at a nominal £2. as they are effectively paying twice to watch any live home match.

I am unsure of the ins and outs as well as the legality of the possibility of some local advertising being streamed which could be shown at half time. as well as naming any of the match/ball sponsors etc. Again this would be an excellent opportunity to promote matchday lottery tickets on line.

Pools should also benefit by any savings volunteers could make. Granted this will not bring in anywhere near the normal match day revenue but as one supermarket tag line reads "Every little helps" ...and Pools now need all the help they can get, however little.

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