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Well, at last the season is starting (perhaps!)

Given the way Covid-19 keeps taking out individual players (and matches), nobody can actually say until 3pm on Saturday afternoon whether Pools will really be playing Aldershot. So perhaps it's a good thing that the management doesn't have to worry about crowds as well.

The disrupted pre-season must have been a bit irritating for Dave Challinor, but it's been much the same for many other clubs. You have to feel sorry for Brandon United though, stepping in at short notice and getting thumped 12-0.

Who knows what the season will hold with the coronavirus itself and the lack of atmosphere in empty stadiums. Money worries will feature heavily, with those from Covid adding to Pools' longer-term issues, and the Covid/Brexit unemployment means that Pools fans' finances may be too stretched for providing assistance. There are unsettling rumours of several rifts with Raj, fuelling worries that his record at Darlington could be repeating itself at a time when all National League clubs have survival concerns anyway. Worrying times.

Some of the new players give grounds for optimism but, as we say every season, that will probably have waned by the end of the month.

More ex-Poolie exploits 

September proved a good time for some of our old boys. 

Trevor Carson was in goal for Motherwell in their Europa League match in Israel, although not on the winning side.

Nicke Kabamba seems to be on a good scoring run at Kilmarnock at the moment and has been selected to play for the Congolese national side.

Peter Kioso made his first-team debut in Luton's Carabao Cup match against Manchester United and was named as Man-of-the Match.

Perhaps the Vic isn't a graveyard for football careers!

Last month we reprinted an article from 20 years ago

The report of the famous win at Hull may have brought back happy memories, but it brought a response from Sheffield Poolie, about some events that weren't mentioned: 

"Bill the Biro's match report of the game at Hull was very good but he forgot to mention what happened after the final whistle. The police kept us back and prevented anyone from leaving and also lined up on the pitch will all the police dogs they could find. In the meantime Hull 'supporters' on the the large terrace to our left started bombarding us with missiles, including coins and the police did absolutely nothing while we were sitting ducks. A two-pence coin broke a lens in my friend's glasses, which was a bit unfortunate, as he was the driver. I did give him the 2p towards his petrol money after showing it to the very large bobby who was blocking the exit. Even then we were not allowed out."

These comments are all very valid and, had it not been for the great result, the violence  would have been the abiding memory of the match and, having been there myself, I remember similar behaviour outside the ground. However, after all this time none of us now remembers why it was omitted from the original report but we suspect it was probably in order to avoid adding something negative onto the end of a story with a fairytale ending.