Up Near the Arctic


Not many people know this but Monkey Business actually has a Scottish correspondent. I say Scottish, but he's actually a Poolie. And he's not based in Scotland but in Essex. So you'd be quite entitled to ask how he's our Scottish correspondent, and I'll tell you.

He's never revealed his sources, mainly because we've never asked, but he frequently sends us scanned clippings from the Scottish Sunday Post, usually ones with Hartlepool connections. With ex-Poolies having been the backbone of Scottish football for 20 years and more, such contributions are not that unusual, and over recent weeks we've had two, about Trevor Carson and Nicke Kabamba, who both play in the Scottish Premier League. So here are updates on two of our own, which we would have missed had it not been for our Scottish correspondent, Wallace & Gromit (both of him!)

He's had his injury problems, and once he shook them off, another player had his shirt, but Newcastle were desperate for another goalkeeper which enabled Trevor Carson to get his Motherwell place back and resume his international career with Northern Ireland.

He not only scored two of Kilmarnock's goals in beating Dundee United last week, he also got a mini face mask for his trouble.

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