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Coronavirus or no coronavirus, there is always something happening at Pools. It was reported in the Mail that some seven months after his dismissal as Hartlepool United's manager, Craig Hignett still has not received his four-figure severance payment, and is now considering taking legal action.
The club acknowledges that the former manager is owed money but is seeking clarity over company equipment before making payment.(Hartlepool Mail 28/4/20)

Read into that what you will. I can understand Hignett's frustration at not being paid = who wouldn't - particularly as he states that the club are no longer talking to him or returning his text messages, but how has this story got into the media?

Is the threat of legal action (via the press) a ploy to force the club's hand? If I was in a similar position and was not getting a response from the club or whoever I would have been straight on the phone to my Philadelphia lawyer/solicitor, not talking to the press. As it now stands the whole affair is unnecessarily in the public domain.
"Is the threat of legal action (via the press) a ploy to force the club's hand?"

British Telecom once had a great tag line which was 'It's Good to talk'. It worked for Nelson Mandela and President F.W. de Klerk as well as Mo Mowlam and Gerry Adams. If it worked for them it should work for Hignett and Pools, thus keeping it out of print as it doesn't show either side in a good light.

On a lighter note, in the same article Craig Hignett was also quoted as saying "I don't know to this day why it (his dismissal) happened." I had to re-read that piece several times over. Next time, whenever that may be, when Pools are at home, he should have a wander around the terraces and get the fans' view. A few pointers from myself would be: poor football / results / substitutions / lack of a Plan B / tumbling down the league apace and rapidly heading to the bottom four (16th place when he left). A shame really as he always came across as a canny enough, likeable fellow.

Pools seem to be a managers' graveyard as, to the best of my knowledge, besides Hignett, none of Bates, Jones, Cooper and Money have ever managed a football club since leaving Hartlepool United.

I really hope that Dave Challinor is not reading this!

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