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Lockdown shutdown - let Monkey Business give you a few ideas for how to pass the time without leaving the sofa:

Anybody watch The English Game, the six part drama on Netflix? 
Basically it is Downton Abbey with a bit of Call the Midwife thrown in ...and football!
It is loosely based on Darwen/Blackburn Rovers trying their best to win the FA Cup against all the chicanery of the likes of Eton and Harrow, who not only run the game but genuinely believe that working class oiks from Lancashire and the North should not be allowed to participate in the gentleman's game and stick to looking after trouble at t'mill.

The storyline is pretty predictable in its format and like most dramas, some dramatic licence has being taken to keep the viewers' interest (out of curiosity I later checked the goal scorers of one particular match featured and it certainly wasn't the two lead characters). Newly-formed Darlington, no less, actually get two mentions. That said it was enjoyable enough and passed away six hours of a dull day.

Nothing to do with football but one to watch on Youtube to cheer you up, I can highly recommend One Man, Two Guv'nors with James Corden. 
We saw the pre-recorded National Theatre West End show at the cinema last year and at times we were dying laughing. The actor who played the waiter in the second part of the play destroyed me. Gave a whole new meaning to laugh out loud.
"...working class oiks from Lancashire and the North should not be allowed to participate in the gentleman's game and stick to looking after trouble at t'Mill."

Previously I had never seen James Corden in anything, more so as I have not watched Gavin and Stacey. Come to think of it, I probably get out too much, as apart from commercials I must be the only person in the U.K who has yet to see Ant and Dec in anything either. What exactly is it that they do? I have got to say that Corden was excellent and worked his socks off all the time that he was on stage. He never once stood still during the whole performance.

 It is on the Youtube National Theatre website and is available from 2nd April for seven days at 7pm, after which it will be replaced by a different production each week.

Money Money Money

I read that Manchester City have back-tracked and are now going to pay all the people who work behind the scenes their wages in full until the end of the season. Talk about Big Hearted Arthur. One of the richest clubs in the world and by its standards it is penny pinching. It is beyond belief when you think that less than half of Raheem Sterling's weekly wage would more than cover that outlay.

Today Gordon Taylor is fighting for Premiership footballers' wages not to be cut by their clubs during the coronavirus pandemic. What planet is he on? I could understand it if he was putting his efforts into supporting the lowly-paid players in the lower leagues or matchstick-selling girls. It is times like this that I dislike football and those that run it with a passion.

On the other hand it was heartening to hear that Joe Cole has donated £25k to a particular department within the NHS, whilst Gary Neville has thrown open the doors of his hotels in Manchester, offering accommodation free of charge to nursing staff, or a place they can stay if their partners have self-isolated after contracting the virus. Fair play to Joe and Gary and any other footballer who is making a contribution to society. Football and in particular the Premiership should lead by example and offer something back to the people and the communities affected. Even if they purchased a handful of ventilators for the NHS it would be a small step in the right direction.

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