Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 0 Ebbsfleet 1 (National League)
Saturday 6 March 2020
Victoria Park

I knew it was going to be a bad day today as the sprog made us late because she was watching a film.

Set off from home at 2:44 and hit traffic at the balls roundabout. Decided to go up Lancaster road and hit traffic as we turned into it. I got out to walk as the traffic was at a standstill but managed to make it to the ground seconds before the kick off.

Within 40 seconds the visitors had hit the bar which, if it had gone in would have left us in trouble as the visitors never ever looked like playing football and we looked as if we could never ever break them down.
"I am not sure whether it was the set up or we were just not good enough on the day"

To be fair Ebbsfleet did defend well enough and it was odds-on that one lucky break and they'd steal the points. As it happened it did not need a break as the ref gave them two penalties; fortunately for Pools the first one was ruled out by the linesman who flagged offside. No matter, he gave them another one for a supposed foul by a Pools fullback and their top scorer sent Killip the wrong way.

Referee :
* Playing advantages on forever, bringing it back after players had lost the ball.

* No cards for things that should have been for ages then suddenly loads of cards for nothing.

* Our manager booked, then sent off later in the melée.

* Two penalties given, one chalked off for offside before it could be taken.

* Talking to the captain TWICE to give a warning as to their behaviour and number of fouls, but no cards.

* Number 26 going down for nothing in the area, getting treatment then laughing at the crowd. This is becoming more common in games just to frustrate the opposition fans.

* One player off injured and claiming racial abuse was marched over to the dug out and the managers confronted. Sent back to the Millhouse then told to come back on again. Walked off sidelines, cupped his ear then claimed racism against Millhouse stand. Walked up sidelines still cupping ear, marched across pitch by referee.

* Three players joined arms and marched to antagonize the Millhouse crowd which enticed a fan to go onto the pitch.

* Ref called both managers together then Challinor went off to inform someone to make the announcement.

* Numbers 26 and 5 goading crowd at the final whistle.

* Man runs onto the pitch to confront, numbers 5 and 2 go for the man.

* Mass brawl, pretty much everyone involved including both benches.

* Goalkeeper allowed to goad fans down the Cyril Knowles side of the ground after whistle.


We need to get out of this mess as soon as possible as not only do the teams bend every rule but the officials do the same. I do hope this team do drop out even if we can’t go up as there is no entertainment in these types of games when players play the race card, which happened to us against Dover and we are a marked club.

I am not sure whether it was the set up or we were just not good enough on the day but the flowing football of our recent home games had disappeared. We missed Southam-Hales at fullback and Donaldson, who replaced him, was then missed in the middle. We created a few chances but it looked as if we were trying to knock the keeper over instead of hitting the ball past him so it made it look like the keeper had a good game. Holohan, Keena and Touré all had chances that would have changed the game.

The trouble at the end of the game was totally down to the ref as he was not capable of keeping on top of the cheating and by the time he found his cards it was too late. The trouble kicked off just before the end and added nine minutes to the game but it was nine minutes of the same. Apparently during this trouble the keeper went to the dug out and told his manager there was abuse coming from the Town End. Even the Ditchburn went up to remonstrate with the keeper but was moved on by the stewards.

I must also comment on the new set of stewards who seem to be all female and have no understanding about how fans react at a game. Bring back the old crowd before it is too late - or maybe it already is!

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