An Old Git Remembers


Hartlepools United 1 Southend United 2 
On a bitterly cold Friday night (6th January) back in 1967, Brian Clough et al. 

I was 13 and remember that game like it was yesterday (well almost). There was great excitement due to the fact that Pools' first-ever floodlights were to be used. 

It was a magical atmosphere with the pitch having I reckon a good four or five inches of  snow covering it. The lines were green where the snow was cleared. It gave the impression of being a large Christmas cake. The ball was a dark red colour that was perfect for the conditions. I recall the ball being stuck on the line and slipping and sliding in the days when they just got with it. Today a referee would take one look and say "off!"
"Today a referee would take one look and say "off!" "

Other trivia I recall were that song by The Seekers being played over the Tannoy - We Shall Not Be Moved and that Pools, who all season had played in royal blue shirts, turned out for this one and only game in blue and white stripes. The crowd by the way was 9,586 and a mud bank Millhouse "terrace" looked impressive with all those people.

There the excitement ended except for looking at those floodlights - a big thing back then. Very strangely, I can't remember who scored for Pools. For the record, after that game SUFC were 4th having Pl. 25, Pts. 40; Pools were 6th having Pl. 25, Pts 38; and the leaders were BARROW with Pl. 24 Pts. 53.

Barrow went on to lose their Football League status in 1972 to Hereford United who, some claimed, were gunning for Pools' place that year. Barrow of course now sweat it out as do HUFC to see what happens this season with you know what having hit us.

Sigh, all we have really is our memories.

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