Man City v UEFA


I see that Manchester City are in some very hot water regarding some sort of financial shenanigans or other. I don't know the ins and outs of the case, nor care much for Manchester City, but it would appear that they have already been sentenced without a trial.

Over a year ago one UEFA official said that City are going to be fined; I think the figure mentioned was £40 million, plus a two year ban from all European competition. This being put to a court, it would appear that UEFA, or the individual in question who made these comments, must be adhering to French law whereby the accused are guilty until proved innocent, unlike in UK law where it is the reverse. The accused is innocent, no matter how bad the crime, until proven guilty.

For the record, apart from their cars I am not having a pop at the French and their way of doing things. For example I always make a point of travelling on French ships. Well, for a start, if the vessel is in distress and in danger of sinking, there is none of this British stiff-upper-lip nonsense of 'women and children first.' The French system is 'Every man for himself' which, had it been adopted when the Titanic sank, would have resulted in less loss of life than actually occurred. Makes sense to me, especially as nowadays both sexes are equal.
"a double relegation to League Two could follow, with Kevin De Bruyne having to play out the remainder of his contract with Pools"

There is also talk of City being retrospectively stripped of one or several of their league titles as a consequence. However I think this unlikely. Forgetting about the claims and compensation requests from other clubs that may have lost out, as well as rewriting the history books in an Orwellian fashion, it would be an absolute farce to administer.

I am sure that there would be be dancing in the streets in both Liverpool and on the other side of Manchester, where they have clubs which were both runners-up at the time, if they were awarded City's Premiership titles. Mind, United fans might reflect that Liverpool would be the greater beneficiary of two additional titles to United's one, so perhaps they would prefer to let sleeping dogs lie.

If City are found guilty through a Committee/Tribunal rather than a kangaroo court, of pulling a fast one with regards to their sources of income, then, depending on the severity of their misdeed, I would be in favour of either a massive multi-million-pound fine or an equally massive points deduction. In the worst-case scenario, a double relegation to League Two could follow, with Kevin De Bruyne having to play out the remainder of his contract with Pools. Mind he would have to play out of his skin to get Featherstone's shirt off his back!

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