Any Other Business


There were lots of comings and goings at the Vic in January and as others have commented, we now have a quite different team than a few short months ago. Yet for all the chopping and changing, results haven't drastically improved when compared with Tony Sweeney's short reign or even Craig Hignett's.

We still hope for glorious wins from every game. Sometimes we get them but they are usually followed by terrible performances. While we are tantalisingly close to the playoff zone, the reality is that short of winning almost every match, there's little chance of an extension to the season. Ah, well!

Billy's Contract spotted this notice in the toilets area of the Corn Mill Shopping Centre in Darlington.

Presumably it's meant to represent a Quaker, wearing a hat, a frock coat and a cravat. And besides the obvious, the leg area may in fact be showing breeches above white stockings above shoes, Anyway, it's a bit different.
BC also said "You should have seen the image on the ladies' toilet door. I would have taken a photo but felt a bit conspicuous standing around the public loos with a camera." 
He also said that later on he did take some shots of the Victorian toilets in the North Road railway museum in the town, where several are on display and he says they are most practical too. 
[And before anyone brands BC a pervert, the Victorian toilets are only non-working museum items and are clearly marked as such. - Ed.]

Wallace and Gromit brought our attention to this item (where does he find them?) about the longest-ever sponsor's ad on a footy shirt.

The shirt in question is that of PSV Eindhoven and the ad concerned is as much a publicity stunt as anything else. But since we Poolies got a single into the BBC singles chart a few years ago, generating  lots of publicity, who are we to criticise? Well done to PSV, and obviously their publicity stunt worked or you wouldn't be reading this. The link explains all, if in a less-than-perfect-English way.