The Autumn of '68


Dave - the Cheshire Poolie - contacted us about an old magazine he had bought in an antique shop. He wondered if we'd be interested in using it in MB because its cover showed the Pools ballboys of the day. We were interested - and that cover is shown below. 

Dave only spotted it because it was in the first half dozen of a huge stack of old footy programmes. He says that if it had been any further down he wouldn't have bothered looking that far. Dave also wondered if any of our readers can identify the lads.

For those who don't remember it, the magazine started as a private venture in 1965 but was soon taken over by the Football League. It provided an insert to go in League clubs' match programmes, providing content of a more league-wide nature than the "youth team notes" and "kit-man's view" articles that passed for riveting reading in most programmes at that time. The magazine ran for 10 years until it got too expensive to produce as clubs dropped out of the scheme to expand their own programmes into Match Day Magazines - and inflate the price accordingly.

So with the edition we're talking about being no. 14 of the third season, that would mean it was published some time in November 1968. And given that the lads all look around 11 or so, that means that they would have been born in the late '50s so they would now be in their early sixties.
"If anyone can identify any of those lads, and especially if one of them is reading this, please get in touch with us"

If anyone can identify any of those lads, and especially if one of them is reading this, please get in touch with us ( We'd love to find out who they were and possibly do a piece about their moment of youthful fame (or what passed for fame in those days) when their picture appeared (in colour!) in football grounds up and down the country.

It was interesting to see the view behind the lads. No Mill House stand, but the old Odeon cinema still looks just the same! And it was also interesting to see the lads being dressed in a typically-Pools manner with tracksuit tops of two different designs and two different colours - neither of them blue or white!

Many thanks to Dave - the Cheshire Poolie for providing the magazine, from which other items might appear in future MBs.

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