New Year - Same Old Rubbish!


Another festive season comes and goes and once again Pools let the fans down, gaining one point from the nine available and producing an absolute load of garbage on the pitch. It says it all when we play a team like Harrogate five times in all and lose four of them.

Ten years ago it would have been unthinkable for Pools to be facing Harrogate in a league match yet here we are with Harrogate turning us over with no problems. This is a result of out-of-touch owners bringing in a succession of useless managers in Colin Cooper, Matthew Bates, Dave Jones, Craig Harrison, Richard Money and Craig Hignett. All utterly useless as can be seen by the number of clubs lining up to employ them after they left Pools. No decent club would touch them with a barge pole. The legacy of this motley crew is to leave us with with the worst squad of players in the club's history.

Dave Challinor has a huge job on his hands trying to get a tune out of these losers and it is hoped he is given enough time to ship them out and assemble a group of players who can get us out of this jumpers-for-goalposts league.

In all honesty we have Peter Kioso, Josh Hawkes and Luke Molyneux up to standard and the rest could easily be scattered without being missed. Of course getting them out the door while they are under contract and nobody else wants them is the problem. It will probably be the end of the season before we can clear the decks - something Hignett should have done last summer instead of offering the dross new contracts and bringing in more inept players to beef up the squad. Quantity before quality is Hignett's maxim and, friends with the owner or not, he deservedly got the bullet albeit probably a few months too late.
"Touré's days at the club could be numbered, even with the shortage of strikers we have at the club."

There appears to be a bit of unrest behind the scenes with Dimi Konstantopoulos who appears to have gone missing with the manager admitting he doesn't know where he is. Hawkes wasn't in the squad on Wednesday despite the manager saying the day before he wasn't an injury worry. Could he be on his way in the transfer window? Jason Kennedy, who was getting quite a few games early in the season, has disappeared off the radar and must be amazed that Xavi is still getting a game while he is out in the cold.

And Gime Touré, after prancing around in the the first half on New Year's Day and producing the square root of nothing was taken off at half-time. According to reports he was not best pleased and made his way straight to the directors' box. Of course this is not the first fall-out Challinor has had with Touré as they were together at Fylde and Touré did not last long at that club. Challinor is not his biggest fan and Touré's days at the club could be numbered, even with the shortage of strikers we have at the club.

So going into the New Year we are seven points off the play-offs and six off the relegation spots. This has a familiar ring to it as it is very much like last season and the season before that. In other words little or no progress despite a lot of hot air about how well we are doing. One win in the last 10 league games shows exactly where we are going. Luke Williams would be a big boost if he could get fit but it is looking increasingly unlikely he will return to the team any time soon.

Our season may not be over yet with an FA cup tie to come and a game in hand in the league but it is difficult to see with the present squad how we are going to move us up the league. Unless Mr Singh can open his cheque book and bring some quality in it seems a forlorn hope. Certainly the fans are doing their bit, giving tremendous support home and away, but with the rubbish being played on the pitch it begs the question "How long will it continue?"

After all the barren years the fans deserve a whole lot better than what they are having to watch. Dull, boring football with no end product and losing to teams of part-timers who play in front of one man and his dog. I doubt there is a worse time to be watching the Pools and the future does not look any brighter.

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