Done Over

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 0 Solihull Moors 1 (National League)
Tuesday 05 November 2019
Victoria Park

This delayed game on a 'bommy’ night, which may see the end of Tony Sweeney's caretaker role, took off like a rocket then fizzled out with a whimper as Pools were done over by the visitors.

Although nil-nil at half time, it was a decent game of football with both teams having chances. Pools' back four looked a little suspect with too many back passes as the visitors were no slouches getting forward. A combination of Raynes and Kerr put Killip under pressure with a short pass and Killip had to scramble to clear the ball from an advancing attacker.

The visitors looked dangerous and stretched us at times. A long range shot that caught Killip napping fortunately bounced back off the bar. They had a long throw ‘‘expert’’ who showed his hand with a throw from the Mill House side, level with the eighteen-yard box and it landed in the Town End which entertained the Poolies. Pools looked handy in the first half but once again no end product after some good entertaining football, Holohan had a coupe of decent chances but was either wide or blocked and he needs to make his mark as he has good approach play but needs the goals to back it up.

Early in the second half Kioso made a fantastic clearance off the line as Fillip went wide of his box to cut out a long ball but the attacker slipped it past him and shot at the goal. The speed of Kioso was a sight to see as he raced into the box and scooped the ball clear when we all thought we were a goal down. The visitors were a decent side and their passing game looked good pressing us on the break.

In the second half the visitors looked as if they had taken confidence from our inability to score when we had the chance and stepped up their game and from the pressure we were under it was only a matter of time. Pressure from a cross found the ball in the back of the net when a header hit the post and went in.
"This delayed game ...took off like a rocket then fizzled out with a whimper as Pools were done over by the visitors."

Pools started to play some better football, albeit a bit late in the game. Williams looked very lively when he came on and flashed a couple of decent shots at goal but also some decent play around the box, testing the keeper with a nice chip over the top that was inches wide.

The visitors were now in time-wasting mode. It took them an age to celebrate in front of their twenty-nine fans and they milked it all the way, aided by the ref. I know I should not mention the ref as overall he looked as competent as any of the other merchants we have seen of late. He did warn the keeper for taking so long to kick the ball back into play, who just continued with the same tactics, even going down at a corner claiming he had a broken leg, asking for the trainer then refusing treatment and kicking the ball away with his potentially broken leg. I may labour on about these tactics at every game but it is a sad fact of today's football. The ref seemed to change tack when a Pools player argued a decision; for a long period in the game we never won a challenge or a fifty-fifty as he continued to stop the game, giving the visitors the benefit. He let a few nasty challenges go but recovered himself after Luke was scythed down and he let play go on but then went back to book the offender.

The new manager sitting in the stand will have to look at the lack of goals, and as one punter said, the unsettled striker at Fylde could be a target, but you know I never start rumours.

Sweeney has done well and let’s hope they keep him with the first team set-up.

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