Deck the Halls


If you're like me, come the first of December, you have a Tom and Jerry "eek" moment when you realise that Christmas is coming.

You need to do something soon: make prezzy and card lists and find which of the ones that you bought last year but never gave/sent are suitable to be disposed of this time round. If you're used to always doing your Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve by spending the afternoon traipsing around the shops, well, those days are, like many of the shops themselves, gone. Online shopping has seen to that.

While every town has its decorations up for all of December, we may not be quite that ready in our own houses. Our decorations have all been up in the loft gathering dust for 12 months. Batteries which should have been removed may have corroded, a jumble of wires will need to be disentangled and some baubles will have broken.

So Monkey Business has come up with the answer to the broken bauble problem:
download our "Mervyn the Monkey" baubles file and print your own Bizz Baubles.

They can be printed on an A4 sheet of white card or photo paper, then cut out, folded and stuck as shown, making your Christmas tree distinctively show your allegiance to both the town of Hartlepool and its football club.

You'll need scissors, glue/double-sided tape and sewing thread/string and about 10 minutes.

The file can be downloaded from HERE

For those who remember the Hartlepool Corporation Christmas bus, the Bizz models of two of its incarnations are still available by going to last season's December Edition HERE

And if you're wondering where the 2020 Bizz calendar is, it will come with MB186 on Jan 3rd, but you won't have need of a calendar before that date anyway!

[And the headline is not an incitement for anyone to attack people who have the surname Hall. -Ed]