Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 2 Boreham Wood 2 (National League)
Saturday 23 November 2019
Victoria Park

Boreham Wood had never beaten Pools since we joined the lower ranks; this team today looked as if they could change all that. They were at us from the off and we just could not hold them; they were slick and linked up very well and could have been three up in fifteen minutes.

We were not holding onto the ball, could not push out of our half and returned to going square or back to Killip.

Even then we were put under a lot of pressure and at the other end I remember only one decent shot on goal all through the half, which was from Luke James. Even so, Boreham were making good chances and missing them so we were still in with a chance.They had three very good players who looked far too good for this level, and they worked really well together. Everyone knew their game plan and it was looking good against our hoof-it-away-asap.

According to the Ditchburn this was a game we could never win. You have to give him a bit of slack as he is still recovering from some surgical operation. No, not cerebral but you just might think that when he stated that this Ashmore, the goal keeper who was actually on loan from Ebbsfleet or some other club is the best goalkeeper in the world and we will never score past him.

We did get the ball into the net and photos show it was at least two foot over the line. There was a pile of bodies on the line too and I think it was Kabamba that landed in the back of the net as he forced the ball in but their world-beating keeper, who was on the deck, looked as if he pushed the ball up in the air and a defender hoisted it away from the goal. The lino ruled it a no goal and the ref agreed. WE WAS ROBBED. The club photographer showed me the pic and it was on the internet immediately but that does not help the poor minions that have VAR to help them win games.
"I managed to head it into the back of the Town End to save anyone around me being injured but a lesser man would have been knocked over"

Shortly after that I was hit with a ball, one of the hardest shots you have ever seen and it hit me square on the nut, I managed to head it into the back of the Town End to save anyone around me being injured but a lesser man would have been knocked over. Those that laughed at my predicament and made jokes of my lucky escape will not be named here, apart from the Ditchburn who is probably still laughing.

The penalty Boreham were gifted was another farce. Ok it was along the opposite end of the terrace to me but it looked like a perfect tackle; the attacker messed up his pass to a companion and the ball was played up field. The ref then turned back and gave the penalty. The explanation at half time between different fans was that the ref was playing advantage. Ok, there was nothing in the tackle; he missed his pass so what or where was the advantage? Another gift from a visiting official that was duly dispatched past Killip.

Going in a goal down, Pools had to start and play football, but the first half must have been an eye opener for the new manager and an insight into the task in front of him. The visitors took a two goal lead early on when their star man Tshimanga chipped a ball over Killip.

The manager, obviously not happy with the start, made a couple of changes as he brought on Cunningham and the MAGIC MAN, TOURE. He turned the game with his pace and skill and it put the visitors on the back foot for the first time in the game. Donaldson began getting forward and set up a chance for Featherstone who left "the world's best keeper" (ref. Ditchburn), grasping at thin air when, from at least twenty yards out, Featherstone blasted one into the net giving the Poolie faithful hope.

Someone in the dressing room must have put an extra sugar cube in the ref's half time cuppa as he returned the favour by giving the home side a penalty after a Kitching run into the box was thwarted illegally by a defender. 'Mr Magic' Toure stepped up and put the scores level again giving the world's best keeper (ref. Ditchburn) no chance and Pools were now looking good. Ashmore, the world's best keeper (ref. Ditchburn), got booked for foolishly running up the field with the ball, trying to delay the restart. He must have added twenty minutes onto the game when he delayed every throw or kick while Boreham were in the lead; dontcha just love it when it comes back on them. James nearly won all three points with a decent header right at the end of the game but at least we scraped a point from a game we could have easily lost.

There was a bit of a shindig in the game when the visitors took it on themselves to surround Featherstone after a tackle and Pools players also got involved to protect their team mate. This is becoming a feature of games now and it is not pretty and has to be stamped out. While I am on the Ditchburn soap box I will also comment on the celebrations in front of opposition fans inciting trouble like the Dover game.

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