Any Other Business


Well, Dave Challinor seems to be proving that he's been able to continue what Tony Sweeney started, by getting the best out of the current squad, something that Craig Hignett couldn't manage.

The Never-Say-Die motto always seemed to be more of a hope than an expectation, but several two-goal comebacks suggest that it is now quite apt.

Perhaps automatic promotion is a bit too much to hope for, but as we head towards the new year, Poolies will be looking forward with some confidence, even if old habits die hard and our first thought is always "how far are we off the relegation zone.!

We can't vouch for its authenticity but this Luftwaffe bombing map was sent in by a contributor. Supposedly dating from the Second World War it would suggest why Pools' second grandstand didn't perish to German bombs, unlike its predecessor.

(rough translation:   "Bombing Targets: West Hartlepool
IMPORTANT: Don't bomb the Victoria Ground. We got so much grief last time!")

Finally, with this being the last Bizz of 2019, we'd like to thank all our readers for being with us for another year of following the ups and downs of the club we love. 

We especially would like to thank the contributors who answer the call each month. Thankfully, or perhaps sadly, Pools always manage to give them something to write about.

So we'd like to wish all of you, readers, contributors, the players and everyone connected with the club an enjoyable festive period and a happy and prosperous, and hopefully a promoted New Year.