Almost a Home Game!


After drawing Yeovil in the first round of the FA Cup (a round trip of about 600 miles) and then Exeter in the second round (a round trip of about 700 miles), Poolies could have been forgiven for thinking that if we beat Exeter then we might get some respite from all the travelling. 

But, no, we get landed with Oxford United – a round trip of about 500 miles. Maybe if we could get to the 6th round we might be away to a Yorkshire club, which would be almost a home game!

For the game against Exeter, the powers that be didn’t exactly cover themselves with glory. A 3pm Saturday game would have been ideal for Poolies making a relaxing weekend break of the game. Arrive on the Friday, relax on the Saturday morning, see the match, have a night out and then drive back after breakfast on the Sunday morning. So easy, but some clown decided to kick off at 2pm on the Sunday. Normally, check out times at hotels are 11am leaving three hours before the match and then the long drive home before a day’s work. But then that’s present day footy – the interests of supporters come last.
"that’s present day footy – the interests of supporters come last."

I was interested to read the party manifestos for the election. Amongst all the words about spending money there were pieces about footy in both the Labour and Conservative manifestos. Labour had the following to say, “Sport must be accessible and run in the interests of those who participate in it and love it. In football, the professional game has become divided between the extremes of the very rich and the very poor with clubs in Bury and Bolton facing collapse. A Labour government will examine the state of the game, its governance and regulation, its ownership rules and the support and funding of the clubs "that are vital to local communities. WE WILL REVIEW THE ‘FIT AND PROPER PERSON TEST’ FOR CLUB OWNERS AND DIRECTORS (capitals mine) and ensure that supporters’ trusts have a proper role so that the professional game is properly run for all its fans and all its clubs”. The Conservative manifesto had this to say, “We will establish a £150 million Community Ownership Fund to encourage local takeovers (including) local football clubs. We will set up a fan-led review of football governance, which will include consideration of the Owners and Directors Test…”

So you have some consensus between the two main parties as to the interests of fans. Poolies will certainly agree with a review of the owners and directors tests!! Hope they carry out their promises!!! Some other poor club could be caught short in the future.

Ben Killip sure proved his worth against Exeter. He’s had his critics but the triple save must have heartened his team mates and fans. One thing is standing out in this year’s campaign – the form of Nicky Featherstone and Luke James. So far as Luke James is concerned, the reason is obvious – he’s getting the ball at his feet instead of having high balls pumped up to him in front of 6 feet 3 inches centre halves. He sure has the ability to run other teams ragged and he’s scoring the goals.

So we have some optimism as we come into December. A happy Christmas everyone!!