One thing you can say about Pools is that there is never a dull moment. 

It is like watching a television soap such as the likes of 'Corny'nation Streak, Emmerdull and Jollyjokes, each episode ending and as the credits roll and the theme music plays out on yet another cliff hanger, leaving the viewer in a state of suspense - nay, traumatised - and counting down the days and minutes to the follow up episode.

Since the last edition of Monkey Business we have seen arguably Pools' best player, Liam Noble, leave the club with a long, lucrative contract that Mo Salah or Billy Horner could only dream of, allowing him to play on a part-time basis for Morpeth Town, two league tiers below Pools. Mind, on some days Noble did indeed play part-time for Pools.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, came the departure of once, twice, three times a Hartlepool United Manager Craig Hignett. At time of typing it is nearing three weeks since his departure and still no sign of a successor on the horizon. From Raj's point of view by using the resources within the club i.e Tony Sweeney and Ian McGuckin and with the favourable results so far, he is saving a bob or two by not having to employ a full-time manager.
"Mind, on some days Noble did indeed play part-time for Pools."

In between, Pools got a grade one unattractive FA cup draw against Haringay or Yeovil. If the Glovers do progress to the next round you could not make it up that two clubs, a minority of whose fans have made unsavoury racist comments at recent games and brought shame to both their clubs, should be drawn together in the FA Cup.

I cannot wait for the next gripping instalment of The Clarence Road Blues (cue Dick Barton, Special Agent theme tune) to see what happens next. Goodness knows what spiffing adventures and jolly japes November will bring.

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