Managing to Keep on the Right Track


Once again the club finds itself on the lookout for a new manager after Craig Hignett's dismal start to the season brought its inevitable conclusion. 

Long after the fans had had enough of his ineptitude and tactical indecision his friend and employer Raj Singh decided enough was enough and brought down the axe. Hignett can have no complaints after being given a generous budget in the summer and spending most of it on midfielders and not on the positions that needed strengthening.

This of course is the man who loudly proclaimed how much more he knew about football than most of Pools's fans, who could write on the back of a postage stamp what they knew about football. Oh that Scouse sense of humour really has your ribs aching after a while. He might have been wise to listen to the fans who told him that playing his favourite players, last season's proven flops in James and Featherstone ahead of the new signings, might come back and bite him on the bum which is precisely what happened to him. And yet in his glorious ignorance he did not see it coming.

Anyway, enough of this loser and the time he wasted at Victoria Park despite sloping off to his beloved Borer at the first opportunity and failing completely to impress the manager at the time who quickly moved him on. So Pools now have probably the three biggest earners off the books in Hignett, Jed McNamee and Liam Noble so things must be a lot better on the finance side. I am sure there was a lot went on behind the scenes that led to the departure of Noble which is a pity as I thought he was our outstanding midfielder. A bit of a nutcase but someone you would rather have in your team than playing against you.

With Antony Sweeney in temporary charge aided by Ian McGuckin things picked up on the field with some welcome clean sheets and the strikers getting amongst the goals. Whether Sweeney is offered the job full time remains to be seen but he certainly has a tough test away at Notts County tomorrow and a FA cup away tie to follow it. I suggest if we were to win those two games Sweeney would certainly be in pole position. He certainly talks a good game and is very impressive in how he handles the team and players and if he does not get the job this time around looks a good bet to get it in the future. That is if we keep hold of him on our staff and keep any predators away.
"I am sure there was lot went on behind the scenes that led to the departure of Noble ...A bit of a nutcase but someone you would rather have in your team than playing against you"

On the playing side it was good to see Luke Williams getting some game time in the Durham Cup against Shildon and if he can stay fit it will be like us having a new player on our hands. Also in that side that faced Shildon and scoring two goals was Niko Muir. This guy has been shamefully ignored most of the time this season and will always score more goals in the team than Luke James yet is so regularly overlooked. Maybe it was just that the font of all football knowledge, Hignett, didn't fancy him and he will now be given a run in the first team with Kabamba and Touré and then watch the net start to ripple.

Surprisingly there has been very little talk about who the new manager will be. AFC Fylde ex-manager Dave Challinor has been mentioned although it looks like he will be moving into the Football League with Morecambe. Lee Bradbury who was almost appointed before Richard Money has been mentioned; likewise Richie Barker, former Pools striker now assistant at Rotherham.

Phil Brown, now coaching in India, has always fancied a crack at managing Pools but I fear his time has gone after Hodcroft shamefully pulled the rug from him after offering him the job. He then immediately offered the job to John Hughes who he then refused to back with any cash in one of the most embarrassing episodes in Pools' history. Hughes, with a reasonable record in Scotland, was completely hung out to dry by the Pools regime with chief executive Russ Green even refusing to speak to him.

People seem to forget that Pools under IOR were only any good when Bo Larsson was funding the club. Thank you Mr Larsson for bringing Jan Ove Pederson to Pools on loan,  the best midfielder I have ever seen in a Pools kit, way too good for us! When Mr Larsson and his money went we were up shit creek without a paddle. It sort of figures why some of the big hitters in football are not expressing an interest in doing the job. Although now the club is being properly run with an owner who cares about doing things right the future is looking a lot brighter.

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