Deep Joy in the Towny Endy

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 2 Yeovil 1 (National League)
Saturday 6 October 2019
Victoria Park

Not a great fixture to look forward to considering our recent form. The visitors on a roll of seven games unbeaten. Could we end the run? Of course we could, and did, in great style. 

The game went off at a good pace with both teams going close in the early minutes. 

There was an incident when Rhys Murphy, once a target for Pools, was felled like a tree in the box claiming he was elbowed by Raynes. His claim might have had more sway with the ref if he had not gone down like a dying swan. I would say Raynes was defending himself and may have raised his arm to protect himself and the ref would agree totally with me. Considering that Murphy was more on the deck than any other player throughout the match he did not deserve a free kick or a penalty. Good job the ref missed it.

Touré hit his usual screamer, which the keeper managed to tip over after some good play by Pools, pushing the visitors back to the Rink End goal line. We looked comfortable and pressed them throughout the half.
"This was a good performance against a top side"

Both teams were breaking down in front of goal but Pools looked the more likely team to score and it was a bit worrying that we pressed them hard throughout the half and had nothing to show for it. Touré is carrying the team at the moment and always looks dangerous and unpredictable which shows when the defenders chop him down as soon as he looks as if he is on a run. He hit a cracking free kick over Yeovil's defensive wall after Donaldson was brought down but his shot skimmed the bar with the keeper nowhere. Both sides were guilty of not taking their chances and in my opinion Pools definitely edged the half against a good Yeovil side.

The half time consensus was that it had been a really good game of football up to that point.

An early Pools goal in probably the first attack at the Town end by Pools, some great work by Kioso, who was Man of the Match, made a great run down the Mill House side, cut into the box and hit a low cross into the goal area, I thought the keeper had blocked it, others say it hit the post but whatever, Touré was on the spot to tap it home.

Once again Pools looked suspect after going into the lead, playing deeper and inviting them onto us and this team did not need an invite. It called for a full team effort from Pools to hold them at bay. Raynes made a fantastic slide tackle to rob a Yeovil attacker as he lined up a shot after charging into the box. They were screaming for a penalty but the ref, who had a good game, waved away their claims.

It was a nail biter as the visitors seemed to get the edge in the dying minutes with Pools playing too deep once again, inviting pressure. Fans complaining that Hignett took the momentum from us by his substitutions again. With ninety minutes on the clock, a goalmouth scramble down at the Rink End finished with the ball in the net for the visitors as the diver Murphy got lucky when a ball dropped for him.

A few fans making their way out were a little too previous as Pools' never-say-die attitude raised its head in extra time and Featherstone, one of the subs that fans had complained about, along with Donaldson, set up a simple chance for Kennedy to slip the ball past the keeper for the winner. Yeovil players surrounded the ref on some pretext: he was offside or some other infringement but the ref was having none of it.

There was a bit of bad feeling on the pitch at the end of the game as Pools celebrated and during the customary hand shakes one player tried to head butt Kioso and there were a few handbags flashed about.

As Pools had just stopped the visitors from being top dogs in the league there were bound to be a few upset players and officials, and a couple of Pools players were quickly ushered out of the way, possibly to save any more aggro at the Vic.

This was a good performance against a top side and must lift the lads ready for Stockport on television on Wednesday night. But in the words of Sir Stanley Unwin "There was deep joy in the Towny Endy and all aroundy as the Pooly Oolies took the three pointers."

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