Any Other Business


Another strange month in a strange season, which seems to have good months following bad ones following good ones. All of which suggests that November might be another bad one. That combined with a general election campaign makes November look a bit depressing in prospect.

Hignett's dismissal may have been unexpected but given the financial investment needed to produce the current large squad, perhaps failure to get promotion this year was not an acceptable outcome. In fact, with several local clubs not too many leagues below us on the up, perhaps missing out on promotion this year may be a nail in Pools' coffin, as there's unlikely to be a repeat of this year's investment in players.

And if Hignett's dismissal was unexpected, a more unusual one happened a few weeks back at Huish Park, where Pools are due to play in round 1 of the FA Cup.

That's because referee Aaron Jackson decided towards the end of Yeovil Town's National League game against Bromley that the ball boys dotted around the pitch weren't helping both sides equally.
With the Glovers 3-1 up near the end, it wasn't just the the home players who were engaging in a bit of gamesmanship.

"One ball boy delayed giving the ball back to Bromley's Sam Wood about 10 minutes from the end and was warned by the referee," explained BBC Somerset commentator Chris Spittles. "But when the same ball boy repeated the trick shortly after, the referee asked for them all to be removed. One steward was tasked with gathering them all in and leading them away down the tunnel.

"I've never seen anything like it."

Running Monkey sent in the new Private Eye cover to prove that the mate he stands with at the Vic, The Ditchburn Poolie, aka The Ditch, is now so famous that he has been interviewed by that august publication. To maintain political balance at this time we must point out that there is no evidence to suggest the ditch was referring to any particular Boris.