An Interesting Month...


Well, October has been an interesting month – nothing boring about Pools.

It all started off with an added time victory against Yeovil (more about them later), a crap first half performance against Stockport, a good away against Aldershot and then the icing on the cake with a fine win against Barnet, known, of course, as The Bees.

I don’t think anyone had a single complaint about the Barnet game. The defence adequately dealt with anything that was thrown at it and Barnet must have had ten corners to Pools’ one but they were all cleared without any problem. Reference was made to the fact that Ben Killip had only one save to make but if he’d had a pound for every back pass he’d be a rich man. He was sure very busy! And, of course, we created danger even though our leading scorer was on the bench. As well, the Barnet game didn’t have a single complaint against the referee – most of the time you didn’t notice him.

The loss of the game against Stockport cost Craig Hignett his job and Tony Sweeney is doing a good job in his baptism into management. There’s a disagreement as to whether we should appoint a manager as soon as possible or leave Tony Sweeney to carry on the good work. I’m in the latter camp – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If things go wrong, then change it. But in the meantime, let’s bask in the glory.

In a way, Barnet have a little part to play in our history. Pools, of course, were relegated to League 2 at the end of the 2005/6 season and there were high expectations that we would bounce straight back at the first attempt. The first few weeks didn’t inspire confidence. On 4th November 2006, Barnet came to Pools and in a smash and grab raid came away with the points. Pools were a lowly 16th in the league. The following week we braved the rain and cold to defeat Accrington Stanley thanks to an added time goal by Ritchie Humphreys. That signalled the start of our fantastic run which stretched right up to Saturday, 2nd April 2007. And, you might ask, who buggered up our unbeaten run? You’ve guessed it, Barnet!! No hard feelings, you Bees - we got automatic promotion as runners up.
"I don’t think anyone had a single complaint about the Barnet game."

And so to Yeovil. Both ourselves and Yeovil have become embroiled in the racial abuse debate. Like many Poolies, I was astounded by the remarks of Gareth Southgate when he referred to Pools in the lead up to the Bulgarian game. I was astounded because as a former Aston Villa player, he should have looked at his former club rather than Pools who have been exemplary in their response to the Dover incident. As, for that matter, were Yeovil who expressed solidarity with Haringey and, indeed, contributed to extra stewarding in the FA Cup replay. Neither Pools nor Yeovil need any lecturing from the England manager, the FA or anyone connected with the bog standard Premier League. Let Pools and Yeovil work together to rid our game of the curse that’s hit us. The upper crust should stick to debating VAR - damned glad we don’t have it in the National League!! There goes a Luddite.

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