Progress? What Progress?


SIX points out of 18 on the field and the shameful incidents off the field made it a dismal September for Pools after all the high hopes before the season kicked off.

I don't propose to go over the incidents involving two morons in the crowd, or give them any more publicity, suffice to say that I hope the power of the law comes down on them from a great height.

Ironically these crowd disturbances deflected from the actions of the manager and two players losing the plot and getting three red cards. All the excuses about a piss poor ref cannot cover for another home defeat to a team which we should have put away with very little effort.

This game marked a new low for Xavi in his dismal Hartlepool career. Sent on with 13 minutes to go to try and save the game for Pools he lasted seven minutes before gobbing off to the ref and getting his marching orders. In five years of incompetence by him at Victoria Park this surely must be the lowlight of his miserable career. Utterly useless are the words that spring to mind. When most people thought his performance in our home FA Cup defeat at home to Blyth Spartans would have seen the end of him he is still here albeit on the bench for most of the time.

Yet a lot of the talk this week is of Liam Noble being transferred to the mighty Morpeth Town who are more than able to match the wages Pools are paying. So that is fair. We get rid of a goal-scoring midfielder who can wind up the opposition players, can pass the ball forward accurately, take penalties and likes a tackle and we keep Featherstone. You really couldn't make it up. No win in five games now and Hignett seems to be getting off very lightly. 16th in the league table, same as we finished last season and three points off a relegation place. I suggest it is his friendship with the club's owner that is keeping him in his present position although how long Raj Singh's patience will last is open to question. Certainly when he was at darLOW he went through a few managers.

"There are goals to come when the two Lukes, Molyneux and Williams eventually return, and I am sure they will be both worth waiting for"
He must surely be taking note of the job Steve Watson is doing at York City and how well he did at Gateshead makes him an attractive proposition.

For Hignett to compile one of the biggest squads in the league, he now realizes we have one goalkeeper at Victoria Park with the two kids out on loan and the loan signing from Boro sent back injured. Now with Ben Killip it is not just a case of him staying fit it is that he has a few mistakes in him. Dodgy keeper according to a lot of the people I stand near in the Mill House Terrace. Giving Luke James another contract looks a big mistake as he looks as likely to score as Mark Kitching. We could certainly do with a scorer alongside Gime Toure, who with the right support could be our 20-goal a season man. Niko Muir could turn out to be what we need now he is near to fitness again and has never been give a long run in the first team.

There are goals to come when the two Lukes, Molyneux and Williams eventually return, and I am sure they will be both worth waiting for; let's just hope we haven't slipped too far out of contention in the meantime.

We will see which direction we are heading with the next two games. Yeovil at home will be a stern test while the televised game at Stockport is one we should be winning if we have any thoughts of going up.

Certainly our home form has not been sorted out and is just as bad as last season with the defensive mistakes still prevalent. Our set-up seems to fit better to our away form and credit to our supporters who are travelling the long distances to support the team. They deserve better than 16th place in the league with the squad we have.

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