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Back to business as usual usual!

We had our few matches in the sun and now we're back to normal. It wouldn't be Pools if what looks like a good run turns out to be just another blip.

The unfortunate events of the Dover match leave a cloud hanging over Pools and doubtless that's had an effect on all the players and must have made Raj Singh wonder if he made the right decision in taking the club on.

Andy's Man Club

This pic from the Woking game shows some members of Andy's Man Club, a rapidly-expanding organisation which has the praiseworthy aim of reducing depression and suicides among men under 45. 

They were handing out leaflets to promote their Hartlepool branch, which meets in the Super 6 Lounge at the Vic every Monday (except bank holidays) from 7pm. If you'd be interested in learning more, you can find them on social media (both the main Andy's Man Club page and the Andy's Man Club, Hartlepool page.)

Car news

We received this (from Jane Austen's Allegro, who else?)

The former club shop behind the Rink End is now occupied by a We Buy Any Car outlet. I couldn't help but wonder if that blue vehicle parked outside the office at the time (with the red top) was Liam Noble's car.

Alternatively, given the comments made by Craig Hignett in the Mail on 3rd October that the club is still haemorrhaging money, perhaps Raj is seriously considering reinstating the club offices back to its former status as a car showroom. 

Dictionary Corner

Alan Essex found this definition and forwarded it to us:

Adjective - having fine personal qualities that people admire, such as courage, honesty and care for others.
- The Morpeth English Dictionary.

And finally...

Here's a pic of the plate installed on a crush barrier at the Vic to commemorate Poolie stalwart Mick Kelly, who died recently.


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